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Escort Jobs in London

Interested in becoming an escort working in the hustle bustle of London city and the surrounding areas? Look no further as brand new agency Secret Playmates is actively recruiting girls that are looking to work within the Escort Industry in London. There are many reasons why working within the escorting industry is so attractive to so many girls. Firstly and obviously, the earning potential is very high, with many girls earning well in excess of a thousand pounds every week. On top of this the girls can pretty much choose their working hours, giving them huge flexibility around their home and personal lives.

Many girls mat be a little apprehensive initially about working as an escort. The reality though is that our girls enjoy full time incomes on part time hours as well as having great working conditions. Many of our escorts become very friendly with their clients, some of whom they see a few times a week and get to know them well. So, working in the escort industry means making good money, making new friends and working the hours that actually suit you personally. Sounding better that an office or factory job already yes? But just how do you get into the escort industry and become an escort?

How you can apply for escort job?

Well the great news is that you have made the first step towards getting into the industry and becoming an escort by visiting our website and reading how to become an escort. Its pretty straightforward to break into the industry and before you know it you can be earning good money and meeting great people at great places. At Secret Playmates we only offer an outcall service so any clients that you meet would be at their own apartment or hotel. And nothing to worry about either, as we check them out fully in advance to ensure your total safety. Send us a few pictures with a little bit of information about yourself and let us take a look at you. If we think that you have what it takes at this early stage then we will get in touch to discuss arranging a meeting. This is as important for you as it is for us as you will have plenty of questions to ask us and some of our london escorts who may well be here when we meet up.

Once that we have got together, taken a look at each other and agree that everything is comfortable we can discuss your requirements as well as ours. We will want to know about your availability as an escort as well as when you could potentially start working with us. We will need to know a little about you for your escort agency website bio and we will also need to arrange to have some high quality images taken to add on the website also. Your privacy and security are paramount to us and we will never share your personal information with any third parties. At the same time we are certain that you will have a number of questions to ask us. Maybe write a few down in advance so that you don’t forget to ask any key questions whilst you are with us. These often revolve around earning potential, hours required as well as asking about the typical customers that use the services of London escorts and what they normally ask for. No problem, we have heard it all before and the answers are often very pleasant and exciting to the potential escort.

So, becoming an escort is pretty straight forward. The main thing is to try to find out quickly if you think it is for you and if you would enjoy the work. For sure, earning potential Is huge and working hours are very agreeable and flexible enough to accommodate most girls lifestyles. You will meet great people and make new friends and have a stress free easy income for as long as you fancy. What’s not to like. So drop us an email or give us a call, let’s get together and see if we are both on the same page. We look forward to hearing from you.